Rice for High School Students

For more than a decade, Rice University's Glasscock School of Continuing Studies has offered Rice for High School Students. Through this program, rising juniors and seniors were able to take one course in Rice University’s regular summer school alongside current college students from Rice and visiting students from other institutions.

Students chose from more than 20 courses offered in a variety of subjects including math, science, English and more. Rice is renowned for its rigorous courses; each summer course offered three to four credit hours, which entailed four to six hours of classroom time per week and approximately one to three hours of homework per class meeting. Though the program is no longer offered, the Center for College Readiness invites you to learn more about other programs we offer for high school students:

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Destination College

Rice University K-12 Initiatives

Additionally, Rice University offers a variety of enrichment opportunities for K-12 students to expand their knowledge and skills. The broad range of programs offered throughout the year are designed to educate and inspire K-12 students in arts, science, math, athletics, music and more. To see a comprehensive list of all of the development opportunities available to educators, visit Rice University’s K-12 Initiatives website