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AP World History Online Exam Review

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This online course is designed to help you prepare for your AP World History Exam. Taught by AP World History master teacher Chris Peek, this short course will assist your preparation by providing a review of often misunderstood content and test taking skills and strategies. Additionally, it offers review resources, and, most importantly, the ability to interact with a master teacher to ask questions and clarify your understanding of the material.

Topics to be addressed:

Module One: Historiography

  • Module One Objectives
    • After completing module one, students will develop an understanding of:
      • The components of the AP World History Exam
      • How to read historical passages and other graphics
      • How to create a short source summary
      • Strategies that can be used to analyze the “why”
      • How to create a point of view (POV) statement

Module Two: Periodization

  • Module Two Objectives
    • After completing module one, students will develop an understanding of:
      • The chronological order of the time period
      • The characteristics and traits unique to each time period
      • The keystone events of each time period
      • The overarching themes that emerge from all time periods
      • Effective writing strategies to analyze and synthesize the time periods

Chris Peek
has been teaching since 1988 and since 2001, has been teaching AP World history at Bellaire High School in the Houston Independent School District. Mr. Peek has been involved in grading AP World History exams since 2003, first as a reader and since 2005, as a table lead. He has also served as sample selector. Mr. Peek has had several articles published including a 2010 essay titled “Teaching World History in the Twenty-first Century: A Resource Book (Sources & Studies in World History).” In 2014, Mr. Peek served as a consulting editor for McGraw-Hill’s high school-level world history text where he was asked to edit chapters on Islam, Feudal Europe and Pre-Columbian America. Additionally, he is a curriculum writer and presenter for the Houston Independent School District for both the AP and academic World History curriculum. Mr. Peek has also written questions for the TExES certification exam and has served on the standard setting group for the TExES. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University.

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