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AP Chemistry Online Exam Review

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Chemistry - Does it Matter? Chemistry is the study of matter and its properties. Everything around us involves chemistry, from the water we drink to air we breathe. To understand chemistry, all it takes is an open mind and some hard work. This online course is designed to help you prepare for your AP Chemistry Exam. Taught by master AP Chemistry teacher Casey Akin, this short course will assist your preparation by providing you with a review of often misunderstood content, test taking skills and strategies, and review resources. Most importantly, you will have the ability to interact with a master teacher and ask questions to clarify your understanding of the material.

Topics to be addressed:

Module One: Double Replacement Reactions

  • Production of a Precipitate
  • Production of a Gas
  • Production of a Molecular Compound
  • Module One Objectives
    • After completing module one, students will be able to:
      • Identify the types of reaction and combine ions in the appropriate format to produce a product
      • Use solubility rules to write precipitates and to know which ions are spectators in chemical reactions
      • Write reaction in terms of the net ionic equations (the accepted format on the AP Chemistry Exam)

Module Two: Acid/Base Neutralization

  • Acid/Base Titration Setup
  • Molecular View of Acid/Base Titration
  • Titration Experiment
  • Module Two Objectives
    • After completing module one, students will be able to:
      • Identify common glassware used in a titration and relate it to the common vocabulary words used in the AP Exam problems
      • Relate the consumption of the analyte by the titrant to the physical progress of the titration and to the graphed pH values
      • Analyze the progress of the titration and be able to predict the ratios/amounts of titrant and analyte
      • Interpret graphed results and relate them to pertinent vocabulary like equivalence point, end point and half-equivalence point

Casey Akin
teaches Pre-AP and AP Chemistry at College Station High School in College Station, Texas. This is her 12 year of teaching and her fifth year teaching AP Chemistry. She has been honored as a District Star Educator and a Hall of Fame Teacher by the District Education Foundation. Ms. Akin’s students have been extremely successful on the AP test with a greater than 90 percent pass rate and many past students pursuing chemistry careers. Her students have participated and advanced in competitions such as the Siemens Foundation, BEST Robotics and the National Science Bowl.

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