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Registration Basics

Wait List/Full Courses

Enrollment Confirmation

Changes and Cancellations

Logistics: Location, Housing and Materials

Credit and Certification

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Registration Basics

How do I register for a Center for College Readiness (CCR) course?

Registrations for most CCR courses are now being accepted with an online registration system. Links to register can be found on the program specific website page. If you need assistance using the online registration system, please refer to the How to Register for an Online Course document. Student programs only must submit a completed paper registration form, valid form of payment and release forms by fax to: 713-348-3123, or mail to: Rice University, Glasscock School of Continuing Studies, Mail Stop 550, PO Box 1892, Houston, TX, 77251-1892, USA. For assistance creating an account, please refer to the How to Create an Account document.

What forms of payment are accepted for registration for Center for College Readiness (CCR)courses?

CCR accepts credit cards* (Visa, Mastercard and American Express), checks, and completed and signed Purchase Orders or Direct Pay Forms. Please note: checks submitted to Rice University for payment may be converted into an electronic funds transfer from your account. There is a $30 charge for all checks returned for insufficient funds. *If you have difficulties entering credit card information with the online registration system, please try using a different internet browser.

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Wait List/Full Courses

I am worried about a course becoming full before my registration is received. Can I reserve a spot?

No, we do not reserve spaces in any of our trainings. You must complete the full registration process including payment.

How do I know if a course is full?

Courses are indicated as full on the registration website page. If available, an option to be added to the waiting list is stated on the same registration website page.

I have been placed on a waiting list for a course. What does this mean?

If a space becomes available, you will receive an email to ask if you would like to attend. Once contacted, you must respond within 24 hours, or the space will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

If I am placed on the waiting list and not registered will I receive a refund of my tuition?

We do not process payment for waitlisted participants, unless a single check combines tuition for both registered and waitlisted participants. If a check has been processed for a waitlisted person, after the workshop, we will mail a refund check for the difference to the address listed on the original check.

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Enrollment Confirmation

When will I receive confirmation that I am enrolled?

You will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes after completing an online registration. If you do not receive your email, please check your junk mail/spam folder. Student programs will receive written notification at your home address within 15 business days of receipt of your completed registration form and payment. Please examine this enrollment acknowledgment closely for errors.

Will I receive a receipt confirming the amount of tuition paid for a course?

The confirmation email serves as your receipt. If requesting an additional copy of the receipt for bookkeeping purposes please email collegeready@rice.edu with the name and email address where the copy of the acknowledgement should be sent.

My district registered me with a Purchase Order or a Direct Pay Form. Why does my enrollment acknowledgement state that tuition funds are due?

Purchase Orders and Direct Pay Forms are not payment; they are documents stating that tuition has been approved by district personnel and that payment will follow. However, while your enrollment acknowledgement may state that an amount is due, we will hold the school or district responsible for payment. Payment should be received by CCR within 30 days of registration.

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Changes and Cancellations

What if my name/email/mailing address/course is incorrect on my enrollment acknowledgement?

Please contact the Center for College Readiness in writing at collegeready@rice.edu with any changes to your personal information.

How do I transfer to a different course?

Transfers can be made from your Registration History under Account Information of the online registration system before the training start date. A list of courses and their availability will be shown when you select the transfer option. Transfers made on the day of the workshop are subject to approval and a processing fee. If you need assistance using the online registration system, please refer to the How to Transfer Registration for a Course document. For questions on the transfer process, please email collegeready@rice.edu.

What if I need to cancel my registration?

Cancellations can be made from your Registration History under Account Information of the online registration system up until 30 days before the training start date. All cancellations are subject to a processing fee of 10 percent of the registration cost. No refunds are provided for nonattendance or cancellations received less than 30 days prior to the workshop start date.

Can I substitute my registration with another person?

Substitutions from the same school or school district may be made prior to the training start date. Space is guaranteed only if replacing a registrant for the same course. Additionally, the request will be accepted only if made by the registered participant, the AP/IB coordinator, school secretary or administrator. Substitutions made on the day of the workshop are subject to approval and a processing fee.

What if I have a family or medical emergency?

While none of us plan for family or medical emergencies, we do understand that they sometimes occur. If requesting a refund for an emergency, send written notification of the cancellation prior to the workshop start date, followed by documentation indicating the reason for cancelling to collegeready@rice.edu or fax number 713-348-3123. Examples of adequate documentation may include a signed and dated physician's letter or a newspaper obituary.

Please note: Cancellation requests submitted after the cancellation deadline, or the workshop start date, will be subject to review and may be subject to a processing fee.

What is your refund policy?

Please see our policies for information on cancellations and refunds.

What is the course cancellation policy?

Although we make every effort to maintain the published schedule of classes, events such as insufficient enrollment, instructor illness, location constraints or inclement weather may require a schedule adjustment or cancellation. We will notify registrants of any change in the published information. See our policies for further information.

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Logistics: Location, Housing and Materials

Where do I find hotel information?

Please see Traveling to Houston for hotel information. For IB programs and the AP Summer Institute, see those event pages for specific accommodation information.

What is the physical address of Rice University?

6100 Main Street, Houston, TX 77005

Where can I find driving directions for the Rice campus?


How do I know where to go for my course? Where do I park?

Location and parking information varies by program and will be sent by email approximately two weeks before the start date of your course. Web based course participants will receive log-in access information via email. If you do not receive the information, please contact us at 713-348-6031 or collegeready@rice.edu to verify that you have been registered with the correct email addresses.

What should I bring with me?

You may refer to your subject specific course description for items requested by your instructor. We recommend comfortable attire and walking shoes, as trainings typically involve walking around Rice University's campus.

Science teachers must follow Rice University's lab safety rules by wearing closed toe shoes (no sandals), long pants or skirts, laboratory coats and goggles during all lab activities.

What if I have handicap accessibility needs?

Most classrooms are accessible for all participants; however, some classrooms and seating in older buildings may be inaccessible for people who use wheelchairs and/or other aids for mobility. Additionally, as this is a college campus, some walking may be necessary. The campus Inner Loop shuttle buses are handicapped accessible. Please notify us at 713-348-6031 or email collegeready@rice.edu, of any accommodations you require so arrangements may be made to assist you. We appreciate at least two weeks' notice.

For information on Rice's Disability Support Services office, see dss.rice.edu.

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Credit and Certification

What is the difference between Continuing Education Units (CEU) and Continuing Professional Education Hours (CPE)?

The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a nationally recognized uniform unit of measurement of individual participation in non-credit continuing education. One Continuing Education Unit equals ten hours of instruction. Continuing Professional Education Hours (CPE) can only be awarded by providers authorized by the State Board for Educator Certification, and are equal to the actual instruction time. A 30 hour course, for example, would award 3.0 CEUs or 30 CPEs.

The Glasscock School of Continuing Studies is recognized as a provider of both CEUs and CPEs. SBEC Continuing Professional Education Provider Number 500571.

Can I earn college credit hours for trainings attended through the Center for College Readiness?

Continuing Studies courses do not confer college credit with the exception of the Master of Liberal Studies program and the Master of Arts in Teaching program, both of which require individuals submit to the rigorous entrance standards of Rice University. CCR professional development does not earn or award Rice University credit.

Can I receive Gifted and Talented hours for attending a Center for College Readiness (CCR) training?

A few of the programs run by CCR do provide GT hours if approved by The Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented (TAGT). If applicable, this information will be clearly stated on the program specific Web page and certificate of attendance. Information regarding professional development hours from TAGT can be found at:http://www.txgifted.org/about/professional-development

Please note: the Rice University Advanced Placement Summer Institute is not approved by TAGT for GT hours, but some districts will allow a limited number of hours to be applied for update hours. Please contact your district for specifics.

Will I be certified to teach AP/IB after taking part in this workshop?

The College Board (AP) does not require that a teacher attend specific training to be eligible to teach an AP course. However, some school districts have established their own training requirements for AP instructors. In addition, the College Board requires that a "…subject-specific AP Course Audit form and the course syllabus for each teacher of that AP Course" be submitted for review and approval. Additional information can be found at: http://www.collegeboard.com/html/apcourseaudit/.

The International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) does not require that a teacher attend specific training to be eligible to teach an IB course. However, some school districts have established their own training requirements for IB educators. There are programme specific professional development requirements for schools to consider during authorization and evaluation that can be found in the “Principles into Practice” documents on the OCC. If you have additional questions, please visit http://www.ibo.org/en/contact-the-ib/ to contact the IB.

When will I receive my certificate of attendance?

Within two business days of the end of your program, you will receive an email instructing you to complete an evaluation through our online registration system under the Account Information- Registration History/Certificates section. After completing the evaluation, you will be able to access your certificate in the same section of your account. If we have not received payment for your registration, you will not receive this email until payment is received. For assistance retrieving your certificate of attendance, please refer to the How to Retrieve a Certificate document.

I lost my certificate. How do I obtain a copy?

To request a copy of your certificate from a previous Center for College Readiness workshop, download and submit this PDF form. Records may not be available for workshops dating back more than 7 years. Certificates of attendance for programs using the online registration system are available from your Registration History/Certificates link under Account Information.

Can I request contact information for an instructor or a classmate?

Rice University cannot provide contact information for instructors or classmates without their consent. A class email list is sent following the IB DP Workshops and the AP Summer Institute, with registrants' consent. If you would like to contact an instructor or classmate you may email the request or correspondence to collegeready@rice.edu and it will be forwarded on to the appropriate party.

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