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Affiliated Programs

In addition to the programs housed within the Center for College Readiness, the Center is also affiliated with Rice University’s Teacher Education and Master of Arts in Teaching programs as well as School Literacy and Culture. This collaborative relationship exists to better serve our students and to leverage talent across all offerings.

Teacher Education at Rice University provides professional education courses that include extensive study of critical issues in education and effective pedagogy for diverse learners. Additionally, the program facilitates a network of support for students and alumni to ensure Rice teacher leaders continue to grow and evolve as professionals. 

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a 36-hour, nonthesis graduate degree program. For both new teachers and experienced teachers, the program provides opportunities for students holding bachelor’s degrees who are interested in pursuing graduate study in education.

School Literacy and Culture (SLC) has promoted effective teaching through rigorous professional educational initiatives that emphasize early literacy, child development, writing and culture for more than 20 years.